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Coloured Stones

Specialized in the trade of coloured stones, GROSPIRON provides a vast selection, both precious and semi-precious, in a wide variety of styles, colors, and dimensions. Our stones are intended for jewelry creation and repair, for high-end jewelry clients as well as craftmen and designers.

The size and variety of our stock allows us to respond to most demands with short notice. We pay special attention to our stock of brilliant round cut precious and semi-precious stones in sizes between 0.70 mm and 3.50 mm diameter.

Our Singapore branch and our Bangkok office group together to purchase our supply of stones coming from the South Seas - Thailand, Burma and Cambodia. An initial selection is made, followed by a second one, more rigorous, performed in our Paris headquarters. To insure that the stones respond to the nuances of our clients’ criteria.

In parallel, GROSPIRON has developed another vast network of suppliers over a number of years, for other acquisitions of coloured stones performed in production sites as diverse as Brazil, Zambia, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Mozambique, etc…

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